HLN’s Raising America Interview and what has happened since it has aired

Wednesday, September 25, 2013, our interview with Christi Paul was aired.  I had so many emotions running through my veins that day.  Hope, dread, excitement, anxiousness, the list could go on. 

The whole reason why we even decided to do the interview was to show other families that they were not alone.  Also, to help parents make the tough choices.

Here is the right up before it aired.


  Here is the link to the interview.


Since the interview being aired, we have gotten a tremendous amount of support from strangers and friends, but what I was not expecting….support from Russ’ side of the family.  I truly expected to get some negative feedback from them. 

First his aunt (his dad’s sister), expressed her sadness for us having to go through something like this and then she let us know that we were loved and had her support.  Russ’ older brother (the oldest of all the siblings) called to let us know that he watched the interview and that we had his support 100%. 

THEN….today, Friday, his mom calls him.  She told him that she watched the interview.  I’m not going to go in length as to what was said between the two of them, but I will tell you the end result of the conversation.  She apologized and asked for forgiveness for her part.  I cannot tell you in adequate enough words, how much that has meant to me and him.  It’s what we have been waiting for, for a year and a half.

I understand that not everyone will get this moment.  When we did the interview, we never, in our wildest dreams, thought that that would happen.  We had hoped and prayed, but never really expected it.  But telling our story, was therapeutic in it’s own way.  My own emotions surprised me, crying while talking about all the loss we have faced.  But I may have never realized the depth of my pain had I not kept talking and praying about it. 

I’m not quite at the point where I feel comfortable to talk with my mother in law, but my heart is definitely softening towards, not only her, but him as well.  Forgiveness is not for them.  It’s for me.  I deserve to be set free



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